Distro is on hiatus for the time being

12 May

Hello zine friends! Just to let you know that Aunty Mabel’s Zine Distro will be taking a short break while we re-group and sort out a few things (most importantly relocating the zine stock!).

The online store will be out of action during this time, apologies for any inconvenience!

We will have new stock up when we return, so you can look forward to seeing some new titles 🙂

There are more zines on the website now

12 Mar

Yes, it is true. We have zines. Zines that are held together by two staples. Zines that are held together by one staple. Zines that are held together by stitches of many colours. Zines that are held together by stitches of a single colour. Zines that are held together by willpower. Zines that are held together by ambition. Zines that are held together by loneliness. Zines that are held together by the dawning of a sublime and horrible realisation. Zines that are held together by trembling laughter. Zines that are held together by a fragile grasp of reality. Zines that are held together by a cunning series of folds that has never ceased to invoke astonishment and the paralysing fear of what else paper can do, the fear of contemplating whether paper will one day outsmart us, whether it is we who are being used to further paper’s agenda. Where was I going with this? I don’t know. Anyway. BINDING: without it, we are nothing; without it, we face the howling abyss untethered, alone.

These are the new zines:

goodnessyoucover thedemocraticpeoplesrepublicofyowiee01cover thedemocraticpeoplesrepublicofyowiee02cover

Titles G to L:

  • Goodness You, by Anthony Quinn

Titles T to Z:

  • The Democratic People’s Republic of Yowiee #01, by Ben Yaxley, Jesse Wood and Nate Wood
  • The Democratic People’s Republic of Yowiee #02, by Ben Yaxley, Jesse Wood and Nate Wood

Gaze upon these new and recently restocked titles

26 Feb

february new zines

Aunty Mabel has been working very hard indeed to upload these zines into the consensual hallucination that is cyberspace. More will be uploaded soon. If you place a mail order using this simple interface, you will eventually be able to hold these zines in material reality. Yes. You will hold the very same zine that the zinemaker once held. Isn’t that a special and frightening thought.

The following new titles are now in stock:

Titles # to F

  • Book III 2013 by Groundedness
  • Book VIII 2013 by Groundedness
  • Book XV 2013 by Groundedness

Titles M to S

  • Milly the Thoughtful Spider by Beardzines

Titles T to Z

  • This Worm Is Going Places by Beardzines
  • Wynaut the Whale by Beardzines

And here are some titles that we have sold before that are available once again:

Titles G to L

  • Hai Ku Hai #01 by ET
  • Hai Ku Hai #02 by ET
  • I Am Natasha by Tamara Lazaroff


New zine titles and restocks for December

8 Dec

Very soon there appears to be a holiday season where gift giving occurs! Well that is very timely because we have just had a wad of new zines added to the website. Hooray! Just in time to buy special zine gifts for your family and friends!

We have the following new titles now in stock:

Titles G to L

  • Hold Still by Xanthea
  • Love and Other Indoor Sports #01 by Karys

Titles M to S

  • Sweet Rides by ET

Titles T to Z

  • Tonight, Everybody in the Street! by Tamara Lazaroff
  • Trabajar en una Tienda by Emma D
  • Very Briefly, Birds: A Tale of Mystery by Tamara Lazaroff
  • Walnuts, Almonds, Nuts by Tamara Lazaroff

And some restocks of old favourites:

Titles G to L

  • How to Make an Island by Mar Bucknell
  • Laments by Mar Bucknell


Getting giddy for Let Them Eat Zines on Sunday!

29 Oct

Let them eat Zines 137 small

Aunty Mabel can’t contain her excitement in welcoming local, national and international (!) stallholders this year. She is literally jumping for joy (her slippers almost fell off!) and her big zine heart is swelling up with love.

To name a few, we will have Love Like Pop, Sticky Institute (VIC), Co-West Zine Shop (SA), Seeing Things Distro, Yesterday’s Clothes, Small Change Publishing, The Paperbook Collective and many many more!

Have a look at our Stallholder Spotlight to get an idea of the stalls that will be in attendance and what their zine wares are all about!

il_570xN.467977363_pm7c pr IASIYC09cover

imjusttryingtoworkoutwhatartiscover  mumlikedherteainafinebonechinacupcover fiftyunusedzinetitlescover

We can’t wait to see you on Sunday! Keep an eye on our Facebook event to get all the latest updates.